Created in Maya by world-renown artist Den Beauvais to illustrate the tremendous potential of this fabulous ocean cliff house once it's fully restored or at the very least sea worthy. Originally built by U.S. Naval Capt Grant"Red" Boice in the late 70s. This 6 bedroom ocean-view vacation home was further constructed to echo a nautical theme with porthole windows and a ship deck patio spanning the length of the property. We intend to honor Capt. Boice's legacy by embracing the nautical theme he initiated and further embellish if possible. Please keep in mind this 3D Virtual Tour is a simulation and although fairly accurate architecturally further restoration is still needed to make it ship-shape, i.e. It still needs a lot of work to bring it back to it's pristine condition. To all our guests and visitors welcome aboard the S.S. Sol Villa.

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